Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ladies' Blog Out


As you probably guessed, I'm not the only one thinking and writing about sex on the 'net.

Bonnie Ruberg has written for many websites about sexuality on the internet, but she has been kind enough to archive her articles on her site "Heroine Sheik" which I will link you to here.

One of Bonnie Ruberg's posts led me to Jayme Waxman who has a sex blog of her own. (It seems she was once featured in a Sex Bloggers of NYcalendar.)

One of Jayme's recent posts is called, "Hot Sox: Count Spankula’s Erotic Hypnosis." It describes a man who apparently calls himself "Count Spankula" and claims he can make women cum multiple times with his hypnotic voice control methods.

Count Spankula, the perverted hypnotist (his description), has a website:

I thought Don might find this interesting. [IMG]

Of course, if Don does take an interest, be fair-and-fore warned that he will no doubt be looking for test subjects on which to practice his newly enhanced techniques. I read the site FAQ and I think Don may be a little disappointed to see that it clearly says not to try this at home, to which Don might reasonably reply, "I'm not. I'm trying it on the internet and in your home." [IMG]

(Thanks in advance, Don, for letting me have a little fun with this post, I mean. Natch.)

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