Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Psychological Coercion In Forced Sex RolePlay (FSRP)

Separate and yet related topic...

There's a coercion subset of consensual "forced sex fantasy, rape and ravishment" pornography and roleplay (FSRP) that includes sex forced or obtained through means other than physical, the most obvious example being blackmail scenarios.

This description is taken from the OkCupid Forum:

In situations like that, the object or goal is sex. Psychological coercion is the means and sex, or gratification from coerced sex, is the end goal. There are other situations in which sex and the physical gratification from sex is not the end goal and may not even factor into the scenario at all. Psychological coercion is the means and the gratification comes from the form of acts or information that make the submissive partner... vulnerable, disadvantaged, humiliated...*

I feel I am failing at describing that second scenario adequately. Any thoughts?

* Within, similar to or separate from the BDSM lifestyle?

Repost. LeeHere Absent, May 4, 2011

I take your point, but I am "conflating" them based on how I've seen them categorized in erotica, pornography, paraphilia and roleplay. It's common language specific to the topic, venue and community. I included the terms "forced" and "ravishment" with the term "rape" for that very reason. I personally used the term "coercion" because I realize that not all the scenarios I'm describing are "rape."

Thinking out loud for a moment. So the venue for the purpose of this discussion is a virtual world, be it Second Life, the Utherverse or another platform. Possible scenarios in that venue might include...

1. Consensual roleplay of a physical rape (force, violence, sex).
2. Consensual roleplay of coerced sex (the blackmail scenario, for example).
3. Consensual roleplay of "ravishment" (bodice-rippers with willing, but physically "taken" partners).
4. Consensual "traditional" or "common" BDSM roleplay (including the active "gift" of submission or the passive receipt of agreed-upon bondage, humiliation and sadism.)
5. Consensual orgasm-control and body-control play.
6. Consensual psychological coercion and emotional manipulation play.
7. Non-consensual psychological coercion or emotional manipulation play.

Subsets (a, b, c...) might include gratification via a sexual act or gratification without a sexual act.

I can see where #7 might be controversial (and might also be the point Tarzan would want to focus on were he actually participating in the discussion and not just trying to forum bait-and-play with me).

One argument is the red X and access argument already highlighted by Don in his post comparing his RL and SL partners. A legitimate argument, yes. What about awareness? Non-consensual play because only one party is aware of the play?

Still thinking...

Edited to include "ravishment," subsets, and to change the numbers accordingly.

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