Monday, September 5, 2011

Sex Questions on Second Life Forums (SLF)

It's just not the right place.

Aleesha Snow said...
"I'm looking into making a foray into the world of SL sex. Before I get involved, I have been noticing that there are so many options as far as body parts, HUDs, and many other things. Some things are stand alone, others need compatible items to work properly. It is all so confusing. I decided to search for information online. Unfortunately, after several hours, was unable to locate anything on the web that wasn't a number of years old and, apparently, no longer pertinent. I'm not sure I am in the right place to even ask this question. Can someone point me to a place where I can get up to date and accurate information on all of this?  Thank You  A~"

Aleesha Snow also said...
"Thanks Ariel, and thanks to all who replied. I really appreciate it. Reading all of your responses have helped but I think Ariel hit the nail on the head. There is just so much that it is hard to ask specific questions. The "genital Attachment" question was one for instance. I personally don't need one and sex for me is more cerebral than visual, yet I didn't know if guys would look at me as cheap or less desirable if I didn't have one. It is things like that. Its good to know that the older information can be relied upon today. I will look at it with a different eye. Guess I need to find my online mentor. Thank you all A~"

I said...

"Excellent questions.  I hope you think of more specific questions and get more and varied answers.  I will be interested to see them myself.

My sexual experience in Second Life leads me to believe that a nice skin and shape is all you really need.  Maybe a couple of non-n00b outfits, which are easy enough to get for free if you join designer merchant groups or follow tips from SL fashion blogs.

I'm a female both in SL and RL.  I was led to purchase prim genitalia my first week in SL.  I bought it, fussed about with it, abandoned it and never looked back.  No one has mentioned it since.  I don't miss it and neither do my sexual partners.  I think it is largely unnecessary.  People who purchase them and enjoy them can give you another point of view, but I guarantee you it is a "nice to have" luxury, if anything, and not a "need to have" necessity.

Beyond that I think it depends on your specific fetish or favorite flavor.  I'm loathe to go into further details here because I am keenly aware that the Second Life forums are PG and strictly moderated.  I would highly recommend that if you want an open discussion about sex in Second Life where you can get full and varied answers, that you take your question to one or more of the third-party SL-theme forums like SLUniverse (SLU), Second Citizen (SC MKII) or gotVirtual (gV).  There is a link to some of the third-party forums on the Second Life Wiki (  Again, I highly recommend you check out an independent forum for a frank discussion of adult topics like sex in Second Life.

Lastly, I will tell you it is IMPOSSIBLE not to have sex as a female in Second Life, hell, even the guys can get laid.  I really don't know of anyone who can't get cyberlaid somehow someway in Second Life.  Sex is easily obtained.  The question is... what kind.  And that depends on more than prim genitalia.

 Anyway...  good luck to you and I hope you have lots and lots of naughty fun.  :smileywink:"



  1. Not to inflate your ego or anything...but you should pm her with a link to this very blog....she could gets lots of help from reading here.

  2. Thank you, orfeu, I appreciate that.

    I will confess, it did cross my mind while I was composing that post, but I did not want to turn what was meant to be sincere advice into a "plug."

  3. Gentle, generous and gracious Pamela Galli opened the door for a link to this blog when she said to me and Storm...

    "This is just an observation, and certainly you (and Storm) know what you post better than I do, but my impression in reading your non-SLF posts, is that there is not much X rated in them. You are not even contentious. The environment is both, of course."

  4. @ Orfeu & Stephie: Shup. Stop laughing.

  5. @ Pamela: That was very kind of you, thank you.

  6. Cindy Claveau said...

    "How about right here?"

  7. Lee said on SLF...

    "I've already had two different people tell me that the BDSM forum sim inworld is a good place for new residents to get information on sex in Second Life. I seem to remember stopping by there myself once or twice and meeting friendly people.

    Also colleen criss gave me this suggestion.
    [quote=colleen criss]Send her to xcite ...boys and girls all work together . Plus they have a great support team.[category_id]=&search[maturity_level]=GMA&s...
    secondlife://Eventide%20East/147.226/106.271/39.3044[/quote] "


    Sorry Aleesha, it appears I have completely hijacked your thread. I hope some of it is helpful.

    p.p.s. Yes, I know my quote is borked, I just can't be fussed to fix the bloody thing. Your patient indulgence is appreciated."

  9. "You are not even contentious".

    Waves @ Stephie...who is also laughing her ass off right now.


    The BDSM forum inworld is indeed a good place for discussion on that particular is also one of the best builds in SL.

  10. dafuq? I didn't say anything! I'm only laughing now cos I was told not to laugh.

    *storms out and kicks a footstool over*

  11. /me picks up foot stool and sets it aright.

    Then kicks it over too....cause that looked like fun.

  12. "Drama Queen"

    /me votes you off of the forum. :P


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