Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Dirty Talk Voice Sex Lounge (DTVSL) & Stephanie Steamweaver

Stephanie Steamweaver wrote to remind me that I had failed to include her location in my list of places to have sex in Second Life.  She's right, of course, the Dirty Talk Voice Sex Lounge (DTVSL) is a place to have sex in Second Life and I did not and do not include it in my quick list of sex spots for new Residents.  I have been there to DTVSL. I have observed the facility with which people can hook up and have sex. I have had some good times there myself.

I don't think of the DTVSL when posting in response to new Residents asking about sex locations in Second Life, because the DTVSL serves a Second Life niche (and serves it well). I purposely choose newbie-friendly locations with the most people and the least limitations when posting lists of places to check out when seeking SLex.  That and motel or hotel or public free-for-all environments where new Residents can take someone to have sex.

The Dirty Talk Voice Sex Lounge (DTVSL) serves human avatars who voice in English. Second Life is so full of furry, metal, vegetable, mineral, pixel, animate, and inanimate avatar choices and people who choose a text-only communication philosophy in many different languages that I reserve niche places like the DTVSL for later conversations with people I've "probed" so that I know their interests and can reliably match them to places where they would be welcome and likely to find an enjoyable experience and partner.

Also, DTVSL is for Residents who are older than 30 days and it is members-only. It requires a one-time up-front fee ($L100) and the wearing of a group tag in order to enter the lounge.

You land at a fairly distant landing spot and have to walk through a mall to get to the lounge and then you find people and seating, not sex poseballs.  Sure, you can have sex, but again, when it comes to new Residents, I like to send them to places where within a short walk they are virtually assaulted by sex poseballs and wannafuckers so they can get it on.

Places like the DTVSL, to me, are...advanced.

Here's what Stephanie, the owner, says about her place:

A place where exhibitionists and voyeurs can play on voice and share their sexuality in a safe and fun environment. **bleep** hangout at the Lounge, where we talk about sex and VIPS, when the mood strikes them, perform sex LIVE on voice. My lounge is 24/7 has been around for over 2.5 years and we have a group over 5500 members. We are always busy.

Here's what the landmark says:

Dirty Talk Voice Sex Lounge ~ Candy Land, Dirty Talk VSL (32, 226, 23) - Adult
SL's 1st and Best Adult Voice Sex Lounge. A place where exhibitionists & voyeurs talk & fuck in public. We have hosts, games, orgies, swingers, roleplay, date auctions, webcam, bdsm, naughty photo contest, Fish Hunt, Byngo, No Devil, Reel Wild and Mall 
Here's what the DirtyTalkSecurityBot says:

DirtyTalkSecurityBot (dirtytalksecuritybot) has invited you to join a group. To join this group, you will have to pay a signup fee of L$100. Group: Dirty Talk Voice Sex Lounge: Welcum to Dirty Talk, SL's #1 voice sex lounge with a group of over 5000 members. A place where exhibitionists and voyeurs can play on voice and share their sexuality in a safe and fun environment. ™ Members Only Lounge Human Adult Only Lounge You must be over 30 days old $100L Group Fee ($0.41 US) Cum hangout at the Lounge, where we talk about sex and VIPS perform sex LIVE on voice. Dirty Talk VSL (23,234,23) ** NO SPAMMING OR ESCORTING **

From the notecard:

We have plenty to offer on the sim.
~ Dirty Talk Voice Sex Lounge
~ Dirty Candyland (Non sexual area) with Byngo, No Devil and games
~ Fish Hunt 
~ Cabin Rentals
~ Fantastic mall with 50 stores.

Also there is the possibility of Elite Membership for an additional weekly fee ($L125):

Become a ELITE member at Dirty Talk. Join a Elite members only group and enjoy the following perks:
◈ Landmark to TP you directly into the Lounge.
◈ Landmark to TP you directly into Dirty Candyland
◈ Landmark to the ELITE HOUSE.  Make DT your home!!
◈ Landmark to a Members only PORN THEATRE on the sim
◈ Landmark to the monthly members only party spot.

Along with that, Your membership includes
◈ Group only Teleporters around the sim.
◈ Members Only Private Parties
◈ Strut your stuff around Dirty Talk with your "Dirty Talk Elite" tag or other fun tags available.

▶ How much does it cost?
The elite membership is $125L a week

▶ How do I become a member?
To join the group, find one of 2 Elite vendors on the sim (in the lounge and at the entrance of the sim). Pay the "Pay To Join" board and pay the number of weeks you would like.

So yeah, if you are a tenured Resident in a human avatar with $L100 who likes voice, being around people, chatting, and cybersex then I would definitely recommend a visit to the Dirty Talk Voice Sex Lounge (DTVSL).  It's often where the sexy adult voicers are and people do voice shows too.  Enjoy!




Landing point


Directions to the loung


Gateway - you must pay the fee, add the group tag, reduce your lag, suit up in human skin and shape, and get your mic and speakers up and running before you enter


Members only


About rules and reducing lag






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