Saturday, January 21, 2012

Virgin's Handbook on Virtual Relationships by Pamala Clift

Another amateur virtual sexologist.

Pamala Clift wrote: research of these last 5 years in social media and virtual worlds as they relate to our individual interpersonal relationships... 
Pamala Clift wrote:

Love online is a taboo. Yet it is engaged in, enjoyed & mourned by millions in silence. So the book is to de-stigmatize the virtual communication that has now become a part of our modern technological society and locate the value and usefulness along with the proper level of skepticism to allow this medium to function for all that seek to connect. I so hope this helps!

The writing is a little rough.  She's seeking an editor, so there's that.  She's also seeking funds.  And offering virtual kisses.  Interesting resume.  Includes work as a professional clown.  And "Priestess of the Universe."

Your thoughts?
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