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That's What He Said: Some Tips For Straight Guys In the RLC

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You will find (5) Types of people to have sex with, the quality and quantity seem to differ with age and genter.
(1) The Quickie (2) Mate Hunting
(3) Sensual to Erotic (4) Let's Just Be Freinds (5) No Way Any Day
(1) The Quickie (18-around 24) Really quanity over quality ! Let's just do it and have fun, but i don't want to really know you. Bye Mostly inexperienced, learning. Love to chat,dance and have alot of fun Big on flirting & teasing.
(2) Mate Hunting (25 into late 30's) Prospecting for mate. spends more time tying to find out about you and the person you are. Lots and lots of queation.
Love foreplay. Mox of romance and sex, loveto cuddle. May turn into Erotic Lusty Sex.
(3)** Erotic Sex - Why so many Bi and Lez have great sex, and why most men are missing the boat ! Besides getting into each other mentally they add other pleasure to thier senses. (A Toy) both use a dildo or vibrator while they are having sex. So that wasy they add physical pleasure. Often leads to multiple times of having sex together, in the same session. Key is Both mental, visual and physical. Erotic sex often last more than 2 hours.
(4) Let's Just Be Friends? (40+) mature lady now want more romance and less sex, no all but most. Men get either confused or frustrated at the stage. And start looking around, not for a relationship but sex (period). The main reason I believe for very high divorse rates and seperations. men land up with young women, because of a sexual need then with emotions get deeper into a realtionship with the younger woman.
(5)No Way, Any Day people affraid of sex because they got badly hurt, may be hard to ever have sex with if not impossible until they can find someone to trust or are willing to change. You push you loose Lots and lots of patience

Well now that we've defined our categories and terms, where are the tips?

I wouldn't be so sure that the OP didn't offer what is likely the best tip possible for this thread.

Under item 3 his mention of keys being both mental, visual and physical. How often have you been with a partner who just couldn't get your motor to hum, primarily because you couldn't get into the moment? (please don't answer as a gentleman should never ask, and a lady never tells)

The sort of encouragement to actually engage oneself into a scene is something that is lacking to a great number of people, explaining that it can lead to more and better sex in U3D may just be what gets some young upstarts to break out of the button mashing and into composing truly erotic prose. Someone who could likely turn one of his category 1's into 3's.

If I were to offer additional tips not related to age/demographics of the persons profile they would be to:

1) Be aware of your surroundings.
Are you in a club named Blacks on Blonds, are you white, you're probably going to end up failing A LOT!

Use the background of the club to your advantage, the ambiance, the music, the number of people in the room will all give details, ever so subtle, to who the person on the other side of the monitor is and what they are comfortable with.

2) Be imaginative.
We are all given the ability to craft the experience we are in, in ways the simple mechanics of any computer program is unable to.

So you're in a club, someone walks in and you've started to chat her up, if it's your style, ask her to a table, woo her. Be descriptive, don't be afraid to emote, let her know your avi is taking a sip of wine, let her know you're snubbing your cigarette out in the ashtray and pause for a moment watching the thin blue smoke waft in the nearly still air of the back of the club. Let her know about how the stage lights reflect off of her dress creating a stunning bluish green halo behind her reflecting off of the smoke.

Is it cheezy yeah, no doubt about it, but it shows that you have more to offer than "fucks you hard" in the middle an a romantic tryst.

3) Be honest.
I can't stress enough how important this one is.

If you're here for sex, let it be known rather soon that you're making a move and not wanting to wright her biography. In the real world, the use of hands on strangers is taboo, and likely to get police, assault/harassment charges, and or long stays with your new best friend Big Bubba. Here, about the worst that can happy is she IGGIES you and her and her friends laugh at how small your e-penis is. You roll your savings vs embarrassment and if you fail you reroll and hope that you get a higher CHA this round.

There is no need to spend 30 hrs over a week chatting someone up if you're only trying to get their panties off.

A benefit of this is, if she knows you're just looking for sex, then she won't mind if you don't spend that 30 hours over the next week looking at wedding gowns.

4) Have fun.
This is a game, a social game, with few rules, no end state, and no way to win or lose; but a game none the less.

If you're not logging in to have fun, you're doing it wrong.

Borrowed. Wink