Tuesday, June 7, 2011

That's What He Said

Cody said:
I'm not averse to small talk, but I wouldn't start in with questions so generic I could be asking anybody in the room. I'd ask something pointed about the person I'm talking with. Names, group titles, clothing, etc make better ice breakers. If those don't work, I'd at least start with a little tasteful humor. 

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Pep said:  
You asked about A/S/L?
My answers are Over four/Yes, but not with you/Second Life. The conversation ends there.

Many conversations I have go like this:

THEM: hiME: 'loTHEM: ???
 And again, the conversation ends there.
How do I hit on a woman? I'll see if I can find the thread in the Jive forums to which I contributed a little, but was started and mainly features LearJeff's take on cynical seduction at Sweetheart's or similar places, where usually the women are looking for romance and the men for a partner that'll give them rights to their property so the guy has somewhere private his alts can take their other pickups.
 Usually I'll just stand around until a brave soul compliments me on my profile, at which point I'll ask them exactly what it was about my profile they enjoyed, which can either lead to embarrassment, tongue-tiedness or an insight into their motivation for approaching me. I'll already have checked out *their* profile of course, and have some apparently "ad lib" comment to throw in, usually related to:
1. You're a n00b aren't you; can I help you with your profile while we dance?
2. You're trying to hide from/get over someone, aren't you; want to tell me about it while we dance?
3. You're a pleasure alt, aren't you; do I already know you and if so do you want to give me clues while we dance?
and so on.
 I tend to intimidate because I type fast which allows me to use an unusual vocabulary without having to rely on preprepared scripts. If they can cope with that, a beautiful friendship generally blooms.
 Pep (99% of encounters don't get to that stage of nirvana.)
 PS And then after about three months of attempting to change my attitude they get upset at the honesty of my meanness - or should that be meanness of my honesty - and decide they don't want anything more to do with me.

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Pep's Parenthetical Postscripts

Storm said:
My batting average is not very high in this area. I enjoy company and conversation, however, I seem to only attract techie girls. I like to compliment the woman I am with. I'll list some of the compliments I have used in the past:

- I wish I was your derivative so I could lie tangent to your curves.
- If I was an enzyme, I'd be helicase so I could unzip your genes.
- You overclock my processor.
- You have nicer legs than an Isosceles right triangle.
- You're so cute you make my zygomaticus muscles contract. 
- You know.. it's not the length of the vector that counts ... it's how you apply the force
- You're so gneiss I'll never take you for granite.

With compliments like the ones I offer it is no wonder that I fall into a barrel of boobs and get up sucking my thumb. 

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Dale said:
Not exactly a pick-up technique for me, since I'm just looking for interesting conversations and the occasional new friend, but I've had all sorts of interesting discussions start when I take someone's picture and inv them a copy. A tiny percentage of people are nervous at first ("uh oh, a stalker!") but when that happens I say that I do it to everyone, and that reassures them. :) Most people are flattered, I think.

It's definitely much more effective in getting someone's interest if you comment on something in their profile (or on the emptiness of their profile if necessary!) or something they're wearing or whatever, rather than saying something generic.
I must hang out in classy places or something :) because I hardly ever get to be amused by inept pickup lines. Back when I lived on PIER a newb boy did drop out of the sky and hang around my shack for awhile, and then claim that he didn't know how poseballs worked and could I show him with my bed. That was so amusingly blatant that I said Sure and set it on a "chatting" pose and told him now you sit on the blue ball...

And the instant we were both sitting he switched it to "doggie" or something. I immediately stood up and switched to my boy skin and shape; he was a bit nonplussed. :) Weirdly, he said something like "show it to me", meaning my boy-parts, perhaps on the theory that since he'd been hitting on me I must not really be a boy, and therefore wouldn't have any boy parts to show. hahaha
He also came back a couple more times (when I was a girl again) and landed and said "dale sex please".

Boys are just funny...

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