Monday, June 13, 2011


And another question...

Have you ever found someone sexy that you really normally would not have found sexy? Like the guy who repulses you who suddenly turns you on or the member of the sex opposite to the one you are usually attracted to is somehow very appealing or someone does something wonderful or interesting and for just that moment that person is turning you on?

I'll give some examples.

Niles Krane from the TV show "Frasier."

So not my type. And not at all appealing in a sexual way, though I did enjoy the character. I think I'd break the little guy if I was ever actually in a physical situation with him, but there was one episode where he got all fired up and took charge of Daphne in a very confident way and for a second there, I dug him. 

k.d. Lang.
I'm straight, but there is a kind of swaggering insouciance and intelligence there that I find appealing.

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