Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Angel & Tristan

There is a guy in Second Life, I'm going to just call him, "Angel," who has Second Life game big time, which would explain why he is almost never alone and usually surrounded by young, often-charming, always-voicing women in expensive skins and sexy outfits. You know how people put their friends in their Second Life picks tab? He's in dozens of them. He's been at this awhile and has clearly been fine-tuning his act. It's not perfect. I could make some criticisms about the occasional intrusion of his real life into his fantasy life, and some other things as well, but on the Second Life scale, it's pretty damn good. He's smooth and he's virtually agile. He does romance as a charming and gracious gentleman dancing on the ballroom floor with as much ease and skill as he does nasty kink in leather and chains. And he can be a very, very naughty boy. He's eloquent in text and he has a voice like a jazz station DJ. He actually does several voices...he does impressions and sings. Well. I kid you not. I met him when I wandered into a BDSM sim and he was doing his act in Local Chat. I hit on him and then, if you can believe this (and going to the repeats and referrals part of the cybersex sales cycle) introduced him to a couple of my friends. Bonus! He creates quite a contrast to Joe Wannafucker and boy, does he know it. Confidence from experience. Sexy stuff.

My friend Tristan is pretty smooth too. He got me to do some things I did not originally set out to do...and like it. I met him through an introduction and I've since introduced him to several women. Do not ignore the repeats and referrals part of the cybersex cycle!

Repost. LeeHere Absent, Mar 4, 2011

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