Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Supply & Demand

Yeah, I knew I was going to catch some flies with that old piece of sticky tape (stats on female avatars). I know that is as much of a groaner and old chestnut as the purported percentage of SL users who live in their mother's basements. My intent was to indulge in a bit of hyperbole to make my pointed bit of punditry.

I too, despite all the claims to the contrary I've read and heard, have met and spoken with a large number of obvious females in virtual world voice. It's actually a potential subject for another rant in this thread. I've met many a man who bemoans his inability to find a woman who will cyber in voice. I point them to the numerous voice-sex related groups and sims and they still whinge about it. I've come to suspect the issue isn't a lack of women who cyber in voice. Perhaps you owe your experience less to luck and more to something else. But like I said, a subject for another rant. I'll build up some good froth for that one.

At any rate, my point is that much like in real life, while it may not be consistently true or fair, the holder of the pussy is, generally speaking, the supply, the hunted, as you might say, and the holder of the dick is the hunter, and in the case of the wannafucker, the demander and, more loosely speaking, the inviter, so I believe, despite any parsing of the language, that my point about preparation is still valid.

Repost.  LeeHere Absent, Feb 13, 2011 http://gotvirtual.net/community/threads/thats-what-she-said.772/#post-23447

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