Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Griefers, Hackers & Trolls, Oh My

He must be found and stopped.

Speaking of griefers. A story. I was relatively new to Second Life and had not yet had a "griefing" experience. I got some random TP from someone I did not know and, feeling adventurous, I accepted it. I got TP'd into a griefing shitstorm. I have pics. I might go grab them.

I'm one of those people, and I know not all are like this, who do not equate the physicality of Second Life with real life, so I don't get real upset if someone "kills" me and I have no fear of it and I'm intensely curious. So rather than TP out or log off...I went with it. Got carried all over the damn sim and then some. Toad's wild ride. While this grief attack carried me, I checked the ownership of the objects and the sender of the original TP. And then I IM'd them. The most curious thing about the whole incident, to me, was that they sent me friend requests...and "friended" me.

Here's a pic from that griefing incident, which was a multi-parter.

I'm in the middle of that white mess being carried across the sim. My Local Chat is rapidly filling up with some random racist rant.

'Splain the Spam Attacks

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