Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Attached, Committed, Free & Clear or in the Grey Zone

Another observation. I see a lot of men who are married, partnered, collared or have a Mistress (or in some cases all of the above), all of which is clearly stated (broadcasted even) more than once in their profile, often with a sentimental declaration of love, loyalty and devotion... on their own and on the loose in sex sims. This information, to me, when I'm in Second Life on my sex account for the purpose of sex and trawling profiles, tells me not to approach these people. They are not available for sex, right? So I usually glide on by. What I have noticed, either because these people have contacted me or in an occasional moment of mischief when I have contacted them, that they are engaging in either a bit of false or misguided advertising. There's a lot more to be said on that subject, but I'm just going to leave it there for a moment.

Repost. LeeHere Absent, Mar 4, 2011

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