Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Why Men Use Prostitutes

This is a January 2010 article about why men pay to have sex with prostitutes:

The reasons why many men pay for sex are revealed in the interviews that make up a major new piece of research

One of the most interesting lines in the article:
God, what a tangled web we weave in this complex society of ours.
The article goes on to say that a couple of men in the survey said that the only way to end prostitution would be to "kill all the girls" or "lock up" all the men. Most acknowledge that hard-core real-life consequences like public exposure, monetary penalties and jail time would put a pretty big damper on prostitution. One thing that would not, however, would be knowledge that the working girls were participating under duress. But that's real life, right? Everyone in Second Life is making a proactive, premeditated, consensual choice, yes? Second Life is a relatively guilt-free environment, no?
*emphasis added
There are 335 comments to that article, including these:
And a man citing Freakonomics and the benefit of pimps.

And an otherwise content escort sick of hearing about the dark and extreme end of her chosen profession.

From the survey report itself:

Actually, funnily enough, that's one of the points of the survey I mentioned (and posted the link) about how some men assumed satisfaction on the part of the prostitute and how some other men resented it.

I hear ya.

Another interesting part of that survey, brought to mind by your comment about "THAT guy," is that some men admitted to lying to their friends about their experiences with prostitutes, either falsely telling other men they'd had sex with a prostitute without her demanding payment or trying to pass off an attractive prostitute as a real-life girlfriend.

Yes, and I'm struck by how many people, man or woman, will sometimes, maybe even often, feel depressed afterwards.


We've got some tales of female egos running rampant too.

I see a lot of this dynamic in Second Life. A lot.

Orfeu said:  I like the phrase." A judgment free friendship"
For many is the premier gateway to intimacy.
What is Intimacy. ???Why do we crave it.???
I once heard it wanting to see....and be seen.Hmm could be something in that I guess.

A witness that I am alive...that I was here...that someone touched me...and that I touched someone's life.
Plausible ???

That's what some people say about marriage (and LTR-commitment). It's making sure you have a witness to your life. 

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