Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hot for Teacher: Cybersex With a Naughty Professor

How's this for a close-for-cybersex line from a roleplaying Professor?

"Ms. ______, I write this out of what I hope is mutual concern… As your instructor, I can no longer ignore some troublesome developments. While past work indicates your ambition as well as your intelligence, present work does not… I strongly suggest you schedule a conference with me to discuss how we might collectively refocus your efforts toward more stimulating ends. –Dr. S."

Hot for Teacher: Cybersex With a Naughty Professor

Funny you should mention that.

"In particular, I'd fantasize about a German professor who'd taken a liking to me as a freshman: early fifties, tall, awkward, with a teddy bear build and a devilish twinkle. In my preferred scenario, he graded papers while I hid beneath his big wooden desk, my head between his legs."


"Dr. S and I got together that week on Gchat and acted out a scene: I come to his office for a stern talking to, only to seduce him into throwing me over his desk and taking me from behind. It lasted almost two hours."

Well heeellooo, Doc. [IMG]

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