Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Fine Line Between Sexy Cute and Friendly Cute

Despite men's rants to the contrary, "adorable" and "cute" are qualities that can be intensely sexy in a man. The thing you want to avoid, is not cuddly charm so much as smarm or that tiny and almost imperceptible slip over the line into the cockblocking "friend zone" that is the death of most women's libido and your chances of getting laid. Men who are cute, horny and smart can position themselves as fun snacks for predatory women with a case of sexual munchies and men who are really smart know that teddy bears can overpower a cougar once her defenses are down.

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There's a young guy in SL who has me charmed in an uncharacteristically warm way for my purposes. He's one of the very few people I have a long-ish-term friendship relationship with on my sex account. He's young, cute, quirky, fun, open and open-minded, sweet and easy-going.

He tends to bring out the "coach" in women. He said a (female) friend told him "chicks dig aloofness," but they don't like the "pudding-like, huggy-lovey bit," so he should "be cool and stuff," and an "Alpha, not a Beta." Another friend told him to "be himself, but not a pushover. Confidence."

He says he's come to the conclusion that it is all relative. So I asked him what kind of women he likes. His reply: "I like women who like ME."

I think he's adorable. I think he just needs, if anything, to be put in the path of women who share my perspective. ;)

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