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Pro Tip: Little Black Books, Profile Notes & Chatlogs


Actually, this brings me back to cybersex for a moment.

If you are a casual cybersexer it's a good idea to...

a. Put a note in the "My Notes" tab of everyone you have casual cybersex with or that you have "qualified" with "probing." It's like the little black book of Adult Second Life. Something as simple as "No" or "Yes" will do or even something a little more detailed like, "wants to cam" or "no hablas espanol" or "his paraRP left me in a puddle on the floor and I would follow his cock and mind to the ends of the earth, so as to whether I would have cybersex with him again the answer is...yes, yes, yes!" Or, ya know, whatever works for you. The idea is efficiency and it's good to have notes so you don't have to requalify someone or get stuck on a poseball with someone you detest, only you forgot you detest him, her or it. Again.

b. Chatlogs!!! Enabling chatlogs is awesome for casual cybersexers. You can go back and check the logs and remind yourself of how much you enjoyed this person, what he/she/it liked and didn't like, where you left it and all that jazz. It also has the added benefit of saving your note-taking ass if you crash before you can make those "My Notes" profile comments or if you were left in such a state of mental disarray that you forgot to. Just check the logs.

Not only is this efficient and will help you sort through the "No's" and the "Must-Have-Now's," but it will also help you with the satisfied parnter (repeats and referrals) part of the cybersex sales cycle. You up your game when you appear to remember details about your partner.

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Yes. Yes. No.

Context. A lot of this thread is about frequent, casual cybersex and much of it is written by a curious and extroverted virtual citizen.

It's been very clear to me (to you as well, I would think) that you and I have a completely different use and experience of Second Life. I can see that you would not need or want to use the Notes tab and why, but I definitely do. It might also be a good tip for others who use and experience Second Life the way I do.

I have a prolific and efficient sex alt. I use the Notes tab like a little black book. "No, never again." "Yes, likes voice." "Yes, charming as hell and good in fantasy text roleplay and particularly likes heels and stockings. Dress before you go." Whatever. Yes, I use it. Regularly.

That too.

And there are a helluvalot of Sir somethings, Master somethings, Angel somethings and a lot of other names that get repeated with one letter or number difference. If you only meet Angel139 a couple of times, it helps to distinguish him from Angel 193, particularly if they are radically different in terms of personality and the experience you have with them.

Even as myself, Lee, I use the Notes tab, although a lot less frequently. The Notes tab might say something like: "Alt name is W. Forum name is X. Real name is Y. Birthday is Z. Male, single, 1 dog, 1 cat. Agreed we would try to go to a Guitar Zane concert in April together. Said he'd bet me 100 Lindens I would not remember that we talked about "Dark City" in the Strangers sim. Said I'd get him that link to that website next time we met."

So yeah. I use the Notes tab.

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I've met a couple of griefers on my travels, some WE equivalents and some stark-raving mad lunatic-fringe abusive criminal whackjobs too, including a guy who made a real-life request of me that would make your blood curdle. Yeah, I agree, a note about "why" makes all the difference between a "No" and a "No, and fucking RUN!!!!!!!!" especially if you are not one to use Mute very often (and are one to trawl the depths, like I do).

I mentioned earlier, as an example, making a note of a bet and capturing the details in the Notes tab of a profile for later use. I've made bets like that one before... not that one specifically...I just made it up for the example. There is probably some intensely literal thinker out there thinking a) "There is no 'Strangers' sim in Second Life," and/or b) "It's cheating if you make a note of it." You, I cannot help.

If you did not think either of those things, but you are interested in the art of the pick up, then read on. There may be something in it for you. Quite honestly I do not even know if there is a "Strangers" sim in Second Life. If there isn't, there should be. But I have made "meet-later bets." Plenty of them. It's actually a pretty good gambit on the part of a guy picking up a woman, although it's long game stuff, not short game. It works for both first and Second Life. It's a technique most woman either respect or aren't thinking that much about, but do enjoy.

The idea is to use it on someone you don't really know, but you see on a fairly regular basis. Maybe you both haunt the same SL technoclub, forum hangout or RL Starbucks. Maybe you've had a couple of brief, but friendly conversations. So you have another conversation and you make a bet based on something in the conversation... that she won't remember your name or occupation or that you will remember she has a cat named Felix and a dog named Oscar, that the doofus with the demo hair will be here again next time, or that one of you was going to find out who played Batman in the first movie or that there is no "Dark City" sim in Second Life (even though there should be). Whatever. The bet is the reason for the next conversation. And the more of a sucker bet it is, the better...well, within reason. Don't be a complete goober, but the goal is to lose the bet. Do I need to explain that? Think about this. Are you willing to pay three bucks for a coffee or transfer $L500 over to a woman for another conversation with her? One in which you already have something to talk about? A conversation she will be glad to have with you and has, frankly, already indicated she would be glad to have with you just by taking the bet? If the answer is yes, then make the bet. Next time you are both in the same place at the same time, you automatically have a reason to talk and something to talk about. And she may even be the one to seek you out and initiate the conversation.

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On the other hand, Megan's Law, TROs and BBB. All kinds of extremes in both worlds, from the guy who owes you five bucks to the guy you owe it to yourself never to get near again. All kinds of things to keep track of in real life and reasons for it. And all kinds of reasons to use the Note tab in SL too. Different strokes and different notes for different folks. Vive la différence.

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