Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Cut Bait

Male: Hi. How R U tonight?
Female: Good thank you. And you?
Male: Great. Actually I should be going to bed already
Male: it's 1:45 am here
Female: Well goodnight then. Female smiles.
Male: but i don't quite feel like it yet
Male: how about you? what are you looking for tonight?

Female answers.

Male: My kind a gal then
Male: my connection is really slow tonight,
Male: so, would you fancy a quickie?
Male: you know any good places here, i'm kind of a newcomer in this place
Female: I know lots of good places. What do you like?
Male: well, sex

Male starts poseball and position hopping, running through animations.

Male: This animation is really crap.
Female: My sense is that you are really pretty new at this and what you want is someone to help you get started and test the poseballs. I don't mean to be rude, I'm just being straight with you.
Male: Yep. No, you're not rude.
Female: Okay, then let's do this a little differently. I'll help you out and show you the basics just for educational purposes and to get you started, okay? I'm going to take you to a bed somewhere else. It will be easier. More possibilities in one place. I'm just going to do it for a few minutes to help you out. Understand?
Male: Yep. I'm all yours baby. Nice tits, btw. Nice ass too. You like my cock?
Female: Gee, thanks. It's great. Just focus on the menu and the positions and see what you like. You like these animations any better?
Male: Yes.
Female: This may give you have some idea of how this works so when you hook up with the next chick you can actually get straight to the sex with her.
Male: I've fucked a few already in SL.

Who's turned on? Show of hands...or posts? Anyone?

Who thinks the "Female" should have cut and run at "Well, goodnight then"? Or just shut up and fucked him if not cutting and running?


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