Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Just Another Day In The Adult Section of Second Life

Another old story. I thought about it during the conversation today about this thread and Lillie's blog. I teleported to Sweethearts Jazz (PG sim) in my regular Lee-account avatar (not the sex alt) fully and appropriately dressed and may have done so after changing and porting too quickly, I'm not really sure. I got a random IM from some guy I'd never met or seen before.

This Guy: ummmmmmm
This Guy: nice naked ass : )
Lee: Thanks. I think you can thank a slow rez for that.
This Guy: muwah
This Guy: hello

He sends me a Friend Request.

Lee: What's on your mind, This Guy? Ass?
Lee: Anything else?
This Guy: anything u like hun
Lee: Thanks for the friendship invite, but it seems a little premature.
This Guy: smacks ur ass .......
Lee: Watch it buster.
This Guy: fuck u bitch

*Wishing I had a Linden for every time...*

Lee: LOL Wow. Niiiice.
Lee: What do you do for an encore?
This Guy: come here i wanna fuck ur mouth
Lee: Well, that answers THAT question.
Lee: What a smooth seductor you are. How can I possibly resist such an off..demand?
This Guy: u can ask as im fucking ut mouth
Lee: LOL
Lee: Give it your best shot hon.
This Guy: gonna send u a tp
Lee: I'm trembling with anticipation.
Lee: You catch many birds with this net?
This Guy: and wanna catch u too
Lee: Good luck.
Lee: I'm not sure you meet the height requirement for this ride.
This Guy: you are talking alot bitch
Lee: Having trouble keeping up?
This Guy: fuck
This Guy: ur
This Guy: mouth
Lee: lol
Lee: I'll spot you the rest of the letters in the alphabet if you think it will help.
This Guy: looks u have tasty pussy baby
Lee: Good lord. How old are you? lol
Lee: I can port to an adult sim and see if you can land there.
This Guy: huh?
Lee: lol
Lee: Want me to slow down and explain?
This Guy: i want u go down to my hard cock
Lee: I'm sure you do.

And so on.

Yes, I know a conversation like that is going on in Second Life right now as I type this.
Yes, I know I prolonged that conversation.
Yes, I know I'm evil.

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Some more samples.

Da Man: Excuse me girl. Didn't mean to land on you.
Da Man: Although now that I see you, maybe landing on you wou;dnt be that bad an idea.
Da Man: Thought I saw you go up here
Da Man: Let's talk in IM, baby.
Da Man: Turn around for me.
Da Man: Show me what you got.
Da Man: Yeah, you'll do
Da Man: Get on your knees
Da Man grabs your arm, draigging you over, shoving you to the floor
Da Man: Show me you know how to work a cock
Da Man: Strip too. I want to see you naked
Da Man: Take your fucking clothes off, bitch
Da Man: Worship that cock like all little...

A Man: hi
A Man: i like your profile
A Man: come and dance with me
A Man: i am old and dirty like you are
A Man: You learned how to fuck an old man?
A Man: first of all, i want to smell your underwea4r
A Man: you wil be my dirty slet in future?
A Man: i am a rude man
A Man: sorry

Now in all fairness, sometimes that's ^^^ unsolicited bullshit from developmentally disabled dolts and sometimes that's accepted, encouraged, appreciated and appropriate behavior. Depends on where you are and what you want and what you've put out there yourself.

Perhaps one of the questions it raises is the possibility of complicity or responsibility on the part of the women who do encourage that kind of behavior through their acceptance of it.

Hey, to each his or her own fantasy.

Whatever floats your boat.

Repost.  http://gotvirtual.net/community/threads/thats-what-she-said.772/page-16#post-30511

I actually get that kind of "conversation" a lot when I'm in Second Life on my sex-alt account, but then that's often, but not always, a product of where I go. Sometimes it's a product of who else is in Second Life and how they think they can use it.

Repost.  http://gotvirtual.net/community/threads/thats-what-she-said.772/page-16#post-30508

Btw, on the subject of me having more than one account in Second Life: Got Game?

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