Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Sales Cycle of Cybersex: Probing, questioning and listening.

Probing, questioning and listening.

Okay, I know what the pervs are thinking about my choice of the word "probing," but that's what we call it in sales. In the About Last Night and Looking for Mr. Goodbar world of Second Life cybersex it means finding out if you and your prospective mutual-masturbation partner are a match. Qualify your lead. Match service to consumer. Determine cybersexual compatibility.

I've discovered that while many people leap to one specific conclusion, largely based on either their own perspective or the overall, general perception of Adult Second Life, there is actually a fair number of possibilities in what someone standing naked in a Fuck Club sim actually wants. The range in preferences is significant enough to warrant discussion and agreement prior to engaging in cybercoitus. Sure, you may think, "I say 'wanna fuck,' she says 'yes,' we hop on a poseball. Done. What's the big deal?" It's just not that simple. Taking just a few minutes to determine which of the following interests you is well worth it and saves much time and aggravation.

Maybe you want to...

1. Hop on poseballs in the current sim, select a few positions in a random sequence and grunt it out in text or voice.
2. Hop on poseballs in the current sim and basically test them like someone checking all the functions on a car during a test drive.
3. TP to another sim, usually more private, and do number 1 and 2 or 4 which is...
4. Hop on scripted poseballs that run through a pre-arranged, automatic sequential love scene complete with sound effects.
5. TP to another sim, tie your partner to something and just have control over them for the next hour, day, week or month.
6. Roleplay a scene, with or without the use of poseballs, using one to three lines, complete Literotica style paragraphs (paraRPers) or voice in either Local Chat or IM.
7. TP to a roleplay sim and participate in a roleplay world with other roleplayers in character (like Dark City, for example, where you might be a cop, a victim, a ticket taker at the porn cinema, a bartender, dance or waitress, etc.)
8. Begin poseballing or RPing and then spend the next 30 minutes talking about real life.
9. Pick up a partner to take out of Second Life and into MSN, Skype, Yahoo or real life.
10. Get yourself a cyber boy/girlfriend, pet, slave or husband/wife.

Consider these questions:

✔ Are we playing here or in another sim?
✔ Public or private?
✔ Text or voice?
✔ Real or fantasy?
✔ Who has control of the menu?
✔ Long-term RP or short-term?
✔ Short or paragraph RP?
✔ RP limits?
✔ Dirty talk?
✔ Romantic talk?
✔ Who's the dom and who's the sub? Who's the top and who is the bottom?
✔ BDSM, FSRP, vore, dolcett, fur, breeding?
✔ Is imagination enough or do you need to be tricked out with HUDs, RLV, furniture, props and poseballs?
✔ Total immersion or complete RL or somewhere in between?

It may look like a lot of work just to do this probing portion of the cybersex meet-and-fuck portion of the cycle, but imagine the complete waste of time it is to put on your clothes and prims and HUDs for a particular roleplay you have in mind, go to the sim, rez, meet, potentially TP somewhere else, rez again, take off clothes and attachments, get on a poseball, get the menu going, start a nice paragraph only to be met with, "Do you have Skype? Will you cam for me? How big are your tits? What do you look like in real life? You don't really get off on this cartoon stuff, do you? Let's get out of here and I'll show you my cock on Skype." Not only will you lose your buzz in a real hurry, but now you have to extricate yourself from this situation, put your clothes and attachments back on, go back to another sim, rez and start again. And if you are the cockcammer, then you are going to lose the current bird in the hand and have to go back out and start trawling again. You could have taken care of all this back at the Fuck Me sim.

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