Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Profiles: Likes & Dislikes

There is a fine line. There's a fine line between communicating likes and dislikes and identifying yourself as one of the stereotypical Second Life asshats. The thing is, a woman with a profile like that one Orfeu has described has been effective and efficient in her profile communication choices. She's alerted Orfeu to the fact that they are not compatible right off the bat. On some level, Orfeu is probably thanking her for that as he quietly moves on and she is none the wiser. Win-win.

Sometimes it's a qualitative nuance, if you will. There's a big difference in tone between a woman with a profile that seems to calmly and proactively state that she prefers interacting with men as invested in Second Life roleplay as she is, which she sees demonstrated through quality skins, shapes and clothes as well as complete words and sentences and a woman who seems to be stamping her feet in a demanding fit of princess pique with her litany of "fixes" before the man has even said hello.

Orfeu Miles said: 
I agree Cody...the profile gives people a chance to show themselves somewhat....There are prolly loads of AV's out there who see that Entitlement Princess stuff, and just eat it up. 
I aint one of them....so I guess....both parties have saved themselves some time.

I have spent more than a few evenings, where, in a crowded place...I have sat and read 40 or 50 profiles...and never found anyone I was interested in approaching.
I offer this, as a corrective to the view that all Males, wander round the grid with their Freenis hanging in the wind propositioning anything in a prim skirt. 
These screwbies exist of course...but it gets a little monotonous reading these never ending litanies of complaint, about how useless men are...how retarded....autistic...neanderthal etc etc. ;)

And from Lum:
My profile is EXTREMELY standoffish. Let me show you:
Why I do this is simple. I use it as a filter. As a quick guess, I have no interest in talking to, oh, 66% of the population of SL. (And that is generous.)

So, if you do read my profile, and see that I dislike text-speak and gesture-spamming and am slightly self-deprecating, this may or may not discourage you from IMing me.
If you IM me anyway with "how r u" I will assume one of the following:

- That you have not bothered to read my profile
- That you have read my profile and this is your idea of being cute.
In either instance, it is likely you fall into that 66%. Thus - filters.

Again, quality and tone. Balance even. Yours has filters, but retains the welcoming charm. No, really. 


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