Wednesday, June 8, 2011

More About Opening Lines

Add to the list of Joe Wannafucker opening lines:

1. Hi. (A natural, I know, but with some people, if I don't reply, the entire chat log looks like this: Hi. Hi. Hi. Hi. Hi.)
2. Are you wet?
3. I am hard and/or horny.
4. u horney?
5. We can have some voice?
6. u luk sexxy
7. i need to release a load
8. Maybe I can do you next.
9. kisses (Would you be surprised to know how common that one is? Just "kisses" out of the blue and with no real follow-up?)
10. Did we already do the old chestnut of random TPs that come without preamble or warning and just keep coming over and over and over and over? Yeah, I think we did.

On the other hand:

1. Joe 2.0: What's your fantasy? What about horny young dudes with raging hard ons at their computer trying to find a slut to play with?
2. Adam: Good evening MIss Lee. Adam blushes down at the ground, hoping he has not been too forward. Lee: Interesting balls. The ones you're standing next to, that is. Adam: Adam looks down to make sure his zipper is up! *gulp* oh, those..yes MIss. (I thought Ishtara would like that "Adam.")
3. Serious Guy: Comprehensive profile. Very direct, plus clear on what you want. Exciting sexual imagery painted in words, text or voice. I'm many times do you achieve that goal?
4. Him: Hello there. Naughty thing, aren't you? Well I must ask, how you like to feel, like a whore or a princess? Me: Both. Woman's prerogative. Him: lol, men's nightmare. 
5. Understanding Guy: Now I don't tend to tell someone what to do, or really ask what you are doing rl, I figure you know your self better than I do.
6. Referred Guy: Hello, I'm a friend of Referring Guy. I think he thought I might amuse you.
7. Calling Card Guy: Sweetness, I would like the chance to play about with you some time. I have looked over your profile and I think between the two of us, we could come up with a wonderful scenario. May I offer you my card so we can plan some time together then?
8. Theatre Guy: Anything good playing at the theatre? Me: No, actually. Bit of a disappointment. Theatre Guy: I suppose if there's no entertainment on offer, you have to make your own.
9. Assumptive Opener: I think you'll like me. Just a hunch. And most girls usually do.

Repost. LeeHere Absent, Mar 4, 2011

Here's another line that has been used on me that you can recycle and try, but I really wouldn't like your chances with it because it didn't do much more than momentarily amuse me before laughing it off.

Him: Can you send me a TP? I am lost.

I've noticed a fair number of men in Second Life will give a gift, like a rose, as their opening line. A nice gesture, surely, and yet I'm not certain of how effective it is. Anyone have any thoughts on that?

It still leads me to the question I have about many simple openers, which is, "what are you going to do or say from there?" The rose gift can have the effect of putting you squarely in the dance-and-romance category, which is extremely popular with women in Second Life, thereby potentially making it an ideal mood-setting opener, but if you follow it with a "wannafuck" style line, it could be a bit jarring. And then, of course, I might refer you back to my post about the man who gave me a rose and then berated me for being a money and gift whore when I did not drop everything to come and service him so he could get some sleep. An extreme choice, I'll grant you, and not an effective one if his intent was to spend one second more interacting with me.


I thought this was kinda cute from a man with the same last name:

Him: So, are you my wife I didnt know about, or are we related some
Her: Same family apparently. Long lost cousins?
Him: lol, damn, I was hoping you were my vegas wife I didn't remember marrying

Speaking of which, I did meet a man in SL who suggested we meet and marry in RL in Vegas. I declined.

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