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Don't Bore Me With Your Boredom

Boredom, ennui, fatigue, malaise, negativity and jaded been-there-done-that-heard-it-all sophomoric banality leave me cold. I have yet to find the woman, or man for that matter, who feels differently about that. Rule 34 or no, I still haven't found fetishists into lack of energy and enthusiasm yet.

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Ennui as Seduction Technique

Group Chat

Bored Guy: yawns seeing [group & sim] is quite active today
MM Chick: wake up Bored Guy there are females in need of your services
Wicked Woman: Activity makes you yawn? How perverse.
Bored Guy: plus im lagging like crap
Wicked Woman: Pooor Bored Guy. *rolls eyes*
Bored Guy: throws a massive pillow at Wicked Woman
Wicked Woman: *laughs and throws it back*
Bored Guy: eats it
ML Girl: RAWRRRrrrr!
MM Chick: mmeep!
Wicked Woman: How'd the Road Runner get in here? ;p
Bored Guy: dont know
Bored Guy: is booooooooooored
Wicked Woman: Yes, you've made that abundantly apparent. Such a turn on too.
Bored Guy: XD not really :p
Wicked Woman: *throws another pillow at your silly, hairy ass*
Bored Guy: my ass is not silly thank you.. its actualy quite fluffly :3
Wicked Woman: It might be fluffy, but it is definitely silly too.
Moderator Lady: agrees "Bored Guy's ass is silly and fluffeh"
Wicked Woman: Thank you!
Bored Guy: shush you Moderator Lady :p
Bored Guy: nah... if i draw a clown face on it THEN it would be silly
Wicked Woman: Go Moderator Lady!
Wicked Woman: *amazed by how wet and swollen my pussy is from all that boredom and yawning* ;p
MM Chick: lol
Wicked Woman: ; )
Wicked Woman: I'm a baaaad little girl.
Bored Guy: laughs and offer Wicked Woman a dildo the size of her arm
Wicked Woman: Yikes!
Bored Guy: hey you said you were wet so.. should be no trouble
MM Chick: O.O
Wicked Woman: *lays it down horizontally on my seat cushion, straddling it and starts rubbing back and forth, ever more turned on by Bored Guy's inanities*
Bored Guy: laughs and smiles "enjoy the show folks :3"
MM Chick: gasps * Bored Guy, you mean you are going to help her
Other Guy: Wanders into the room, draconic muzzle sniffing about at all the interesting scents. "My my whats going on in here?"
Wicked Woman: *thrusting my hips back on forth, sliding my wet pussy on the huge dildo* Ohhhhh God! Boredom and banality make me soooooo hot!
Bored Guy: XD nah i think she's ok MM Chick
Wicked Woman: *grabs my tits and fondles them as I increase my speed, leading to that bored orgasm*
MM Chick: O.O
Bored Guy: Other Guy, apparently Wicked Woman is aroused by me being bored
Wicked Woman: One more yawn, Bored Guy. Come on baby. Give it to me. I need it. I need one more to take me there.
Bored Guy: yawns again
Wicked Woman: UUUUNNNNHH!
Bored Guy: XD
Other Guy: Looks to Bored Guy with a chuckle. "Is that so, my my you're a natural aphrodisiac. even doing nothing you arouse everyone around you." Chuckles and smirks a toothy grin.
Bored Guy: I wish! XD
Wicked Woman: oooooooooh
Bored Guy: nah she's just pulling my leg :p
MM Chick: lol..you knows he is sexy..that is why he hides under all that armor
Wicked Woman: *collapses in my chair breathing heavily and smiling*
Wicked Woman: *grabs the Bored Guy's other leg*
Bored Guy: eeps "oh my god! she's on me! shes on me!!! someone get me a crowbar!!"
Wicked Woman: *gives it a good yank*
Bored Guy: falls down as she pops his leg off "damn it!"
Wicked Woman: *smiles with satisfaction and throws the leg on my trophy pile*
MM Chick: lol
Bored Guy: awws "damn it Wicked Woman i need that!"
Wicked Woman: For what? You're too sleepy and bored and laggy to do anything.
Other Guy: Bored Guy, get a piece of that, she's all over you. ~Smirks~
Bored Guy: Other Guy, she already has a piece of me
Wicked Woman: Just sit back and relax old bear.
Bored Guy: grumbles and lays sitting on the ground all grumpy like
Wicked Woman: Sleepy, bored and grumpy. Pretty soon we will have a bunch of dwarves. Hhhhmmm...I feel another kinky sex fantasy coming on.
Wicked Woman: Any other guys bored?
Wicked Woman: No?
Wicked Woman: *sigh*
Wicked Woman: Aw, too bad.
Other Guy: This is the most entertaining this chat has ever been, I like it.
MM Chick: lol..*huggles*
Wicked Woman: lol
MM Chick: lol..i think you entertained them well Wicked Woman
Wicked Woman: Good. I'm glad you all had a sense of humor about that.
MM Chick: heheh..


Bored Guy: if you werent making me laugh so hard i would slap your ass for being so naughty XD
Wicked Woman: Well, it's a good thing you have a sense of humor. ; )
Bored Guy: shame i have to go soon. would love to see you guys

Wicked Woman doesn't count. She was being sarcastic.

The names were changed to protect the not-so-innocent and the bored-and-laggy.

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Part II

Group chat again. Same group. Same people. Different day.

Bored Guy: god im bored
VR: horny?
cW: why bore mr. guy?
BW: many people ther?
AM: no
Bored Guy: no just bored V, and c im bored becouse i has nothing to do
Wicked Woman: He's just trying to get laid again. He knows it gets me hot when he gets bored.
Bored Guy: Oh my god.. didnt even saw you there XD
Wicked Woman: Heh
MK: xD
Bored Guy: ok then im NOT bored... and im NOT lying about it XD


First Life is rife with accident, disease and trauma. The scourge of Second Life, a world where ANYTHING is possible, is boredom. It beggars belief.

SL Guy 1 4/10/11: Pretty bored and lonely but ok otherwise
SL Guy 1 4/12/11: Eh, bored to death but hanging in there

^^^ Meaning basically that SL Guy's default opening line, hell, just his way of saying hello, is announcing his boredom. Just like Bored Guy in the Group Chat example. Kills me. It's one of my biggest pet peeves and it's epidemic.

[15:56] JE: ok..i'm bored. anything interesting going on?

Seriously. If I had a Linden for every time I heard or read someone say that they were bored I could pay tier for a gV sim.

Some asshole in the Boardroom sim was screaming profanity and vulgarities at everyone, demanding sex, among other things. He sounded absolutely unhinged. I actually got him to call down for a bit and chat with me. I asked him why he was acting like that. His answer..."Boredom."

I could go on a 3-day bender rant on the topic of boredom alone.

Also, much like boredom and lethargy, illness is not a turn on for many people. You'll catch more bees with honey than streptococcus.

Here's one from a guy I met and chatted with once when I ran into him while walking in a garden in what started as the most benign and friendly way, as me, Lee, not the alt (i.e. not the overtly sexual account), and then later picks up when I'm at a dance club with my friend Tristan:

receipt of unexpected and unsolicited rose & IM sent from off-sim somewhere

The Guy: How are you? We left a conversation in the middle havent we? do i always have to send u a treat to get ur attention love?
LeeHere Absent: No. But thank you. I'm dancing with an old friend right now. Another time perhaps?
The Guy: cant u gently ask him to leave and come to me? i got the flu but i cant sleep...so i logged in to see you...can you give me what i need please?
LeeHere Absent: Seriously? No.
The Guy: The one time u spoke with mewas 5 minutes and then u left...please just tell u dont plan to talk with me anymore..cause spending so much time with other when i kindly ask ur time and ignoring me is meh..
LeeHere Absent: You're out of line. But let me save you some time and grant you your request. Defriend me and do not contact me again.
The Guy: nah i will be happy to wait till u reason with urself
LeeHere Absent: That's incredibly offensive. I do not wish to speak with you again. Please consider this a final goodbye.
The Guy: ofc u dont with me why would u...i dont have money that's why u never stayed and u can stick with me dont worry soon i will have money to pay u
LeeHere Absent: Have one shred of gentlemanliness and stop insulting me and stop speaking to me.

friendship rescinded

The Guy: Please? Can I call you? I need to cum. I'll be quick. 5 mins. Please? ? ? ? r u there ? ? ? Sorry for beeing pussy again just cant sleep but do u know when u will be able to spent some time with me? To see if i cant stay awake please? Yes? No? ? ? ? ? i hope i didn't pissed u that much and speak with u. ? ? ? You busy? With a friend? Okay. I not bother you much longer. Can i make u a small call before i go to sleep? or u use voice also? Hello? ru there?


Leave an old friend in the lurch on the dance floor for some guy I met for 5 minutes the other day? Sure, why not? Who knew "I have the flu and I can't sleep, get over here and relieve and relax me bitch," was supposed to be such a smooth line?

No one. Because it's not. Dump that one from the playlist too.

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Anger and cynical burnout are only slightly more attractive than boredom, which is to say not very attractive at all. Rants are for forums, not profiles, and certainly not opening lines.

"I am tired of the fuckwits on this site, if you have nothing to offer me as a person, an individual with your own identity, or any value in any sort of normal day to day interaction then you are not welcome here. Likewise, if you see no value in me either from past interactions or as outlined above, stay out. If you have wronged me in the past I will ban you forthright. If you don't like me stfu and gtfo. If you're my friend or lover then act like it."

You may feel better after typing something like that into your profile, but you won't attract many cyberkitties with it and you may actually tempt mischievous people into poking you, and not in a sexy way.

"Everywhere I look i see happy people full of smiles and laughter. Enjoying their time with others. Finding those that give them joy. I can't seem to find my smile, and I don't seem to make anyone else smile either. I wonder why its so difficult. "

You may not know it yet, but you've answered your own question.

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If you are chronically bored or angry, you may need to either check your commitment to your negativity or seek professional help. I'm serious about that. Cold, hard light-of-day stuff, not zingers or mockery.

Many people are so snuggly wrapped up in malaise and miffiness that they don't want to make any changes. They are, for lack of a better word, content with their situation. They want to be blasé and bitter. They've made their choice and they are committed to it. Fine. Good for them. None of this advice is for those individuals other than for the possible benefit of more reading material to scoff at and bitch about. There's something for everyone and I'm happy to help.

Some people, however, have just gotten so deeply rooted in their rut, that they've forgotten what it is like up in the clouds where the air is fresher...and they may need a helping hand to get out. Sometimes it is a matter of acclimation and ingrained bad habits. That's why I say I think you should check your commitment. You may not even remember what the good times are like. TRY some of the tips in this thread or tips that other people give you about meeting and enjoying other people. Make multiple, real, efforts. Then, if you find you really don't like being with people, real or pixellated, you can recommit to your cantankerous curmudgeonly ways in the full knowledge that you are just fine, fuck you very much. It's a cost-benefit analysis just like anything else. If the cost of doing what you need to do to get cyberlaid or have fun play time with other people is too great, then the benefit just wasn't that important to you. If the benefit IS that important to you, but you just can't get it together, then you may need help. It's that simple.

This blog assumes you want to get laid and play and have fun (or that you are just reading this for shits and grins.) You either need to go cold turkey on the irascibility act or get help to do so if you want to attract anyone other than the extremely small pool, and questionable company, of enablers who have fetishized assholes who won't help themselves.

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Conversely, if you are happy, horny wannafucker and your negativity radar goes off...cut bait. It won't get better from here. You don't know this person, you don't owe them anything, and unless you want to set up what will be a highly-populated shelter or fall into a bottomless black pit; you don't need to take this person, and their many brethren, on as some kind of pet project. If you're here to get in, get off and get out, don't waste your time. Count your blessings and move on to the next promising possibility.

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Going for sympathy ranks right in there with boredom and anger for me, but I can't discount it because it does actually appeal to a surprising number of women. You'll have to read your audience and take your chances with that one and see how it works for you before committing it to your regular repertoire.

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Random IM

He: hello
He: care to chat?
Her: Hi.
Her: I'm on my way to meet a friend. Rain check?
He: no worries
He: always rains in sl
Her: Good. ;-)
Her: Lots of checks.
He: perhaps
Her: My glass is half full.
He: mine is running on empty
Her: I'm sorry to hear that.
He: trying to elicit sympathy, tahts all
Her: Wow. Got any other angles?
He: perhaps, when we have time to chat and meet pixel to pixel in sl
Her: I'll keep that in mind then.
He: they all say that
Her: You're good at this. I'm all a-swooning, weak in the knees, you silver-tongued man, you.
He: i bet you say that to all the male avatars
Her: No, just the silly ones.
He: ahh i see, i have been drawn and quatered
Her: Not quite yet. Just a slight batting about with a catpaw, is all. You'll be fine.
He: i am enjoying this repartee', any chance I can add you as i friend?
She laughs.
Her: Seriously?
Her: Go for it.
He: i ask

My friend Mary's take on that exchange?

Mary: "Actually, not a bad game from him. I'd've added him."
Lee: "I'll make a referral if you like. Boredom, malaise, negativity, jaded been-there-done-that heard-it-all stuff and anything that smacks of whining tends to leave me cold. But hell, I told him to go for it."
Mary: "Oh, I could've deleted him just as easily. His game wasn't THAT good. But caught in the right mood, I might have given him a chance."

Other women might have fallen all over themselves motivated by guilt or a Florence Nightingale kind of desire to kiss it and make it all better or the fact that it was on a higher plane than "wanna fuck" or whatever other button that might have pushed. The irony is, many men find the sarcastic, your-sympathy-ploy-doesn't-work-on-me response sexy and encouraging.

And from my friend, Bo?

Bo: "Self-deprecating humor works."

Make what you will of all that.

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