Tuesday, June 7, 2011

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I followed the bread crumbs to Terra Nova and found something interesting.

Feb 18, 2011

[IMG]Ruberg on Sex as a Game

Our friend Bonnie Ruberg has sent a paper composed during her expedition to the Comp Lit program at Berkeley. The topic: Sex in Second Life as a game. The report arrived by packet boat yesterday and may be collected at this wharf. Enjoy!

Sex as Game: Playing with the Erotic Body in Virtual Worlds
Bonnie Ruberg

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"My favorite story about him," Mac said "actually involved the two of them. They were touring a farm and Grace had gone off with a man who was showing her the chickens. She watched a lone rooster chasing the hens and asked how many times a day it serviced them. The man said, ‘About 50.’ ‘Go tell that to Mr. Coolidge,’ she said.

Presidents' wives of the past, Part 4 Cunning, vindictive, and one ...

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For your consideration:

Battle of the sexes: Do men or women make the better dining companion?

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Check out this Wikipedia blurb on Sperm Wars.

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