Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Don't Lose The Thread

Jenni's Guide to Great Cybersex makes an excellent point about text cybersex roleplay. Try to pay attention to what is where in the "storyline." If your partner walks over to the hot tub, slips out of her clothes, sits on the edge and swings her long legs into the hot, bubbling water and beckons for you to join her, then it would behoove you not to pull the sheets back and expose her hardening nipples as you crawl into bed with her, know what I mean Vern?

This part of Jenni's advice just kills me...

...and mainly because:

a. It's necessary at all.
b. It's necessary enough to make a top ten list.
c. It made a top ten list in 1997 and is still relevant in 2011.

Ladies, and gentleman pretending to be ladies, what in God's name would motivate you to continue having cybersex with some random asshat in the ether that you do not enjoy? Step away from the keyboard and reflect on that before you hop on another poseball or feel a twinge of guilty obligation to a man who calls himself MasterT-RexDick387.

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