Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Alt Accounts & Secret Lives

Orfeu said:
"I am kinda curious about the whole 'Sex Alt" thing.
Take the case of Lee ;). ...coughs...blinks...
Ok.. I get it, that this alt is anonymous....maybe engages in the odd activity, that you wouldn't want to be associated with your main etc etc.
But if you then go on a forum, and write in some depth about we all read it as Lee activities.....then I am not sure what you gained.
Yeah...ok...I dont know this alts name (worse luck)...and will prolly never meet her...but when I read about her exploits...I am basically thinking, this is Lee doing all this.
This is not a criticism...I love reading your reports from the trenches....I am just genuinely curious about the benefits of the anonymous sex alt.:angel: "

Repost. Orfeu Miles, Mar 4, 2011 

Ohh, I think you're missing the point, Orfeu. If this is what I'm willing to tell you then...

And thank you. Very much. 


Part of it is that my rabbit hole does go deeper. This thread is not a "tell-all" despite appearances to the contrary.
Part of it is a sense of freedom that I have when I'm not "me."
Part of it is that the people I interact with on the two different accounts tend to be very different and I'm happy keeping them separate.
Part of is it a protection of both my play partners and me.
Part of it is that I'm aware that forums may be totally public and forever, but the readership is actually a fairly small pool of people and many not very motivated to make an issue of what I'm writing in here in a meaningful, beyond-the-forum kind of way.
Part of it is that I enjoy a certain amount of risk and playing close to the line.
Part of it is pure account management. My sex alt account is almost unmanageable as it is.
And part of it is...some people can get a little weird if they do acquire that knowledge about me.
Does that clarify anything for you, Orfeu?

Excellent. Thank you.

I think the interesting question is, since you know me, why do you want to meet "her"? [IMG]

Who's fault was that? [IMG]
Good. I agree wholeheartedly.
Ohhhhhh definitely.

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