Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Question About Climax

Don Mill:  Question for the ones that voice, specifically ladies.
Do you want/expect that your partner will reach climax and orgasm during the playtime? How would you feel if that doesn't happen?

I generally prefer it, of course, but I don't demand it or lose much thought to it if it doesn't happen. Again, it's often about expectations. Not everyone plays, even with cybersex, for the result of their own physical climax, and you don't have to orgasm in order to enjoy the play. A good example is the orgasm control. Many men do it for the enjoyment of the process and their partner's orgasm without intending to achieve an orgasm of their own.

There are a couple of lines from the 90s television series "Ally McBeal" that I'm reminded of, spoken by my favorite characters, Fish and Ling:

"I'm very satisfied sexually. It's just that you're not always there." --Ling to Fish on orgasms and masturbation.
"Because I'm always satisfied." --Fish, when asked how he knows if he is good in bed.

I'm just selfish enough to not really care about it if I've already cum. [IMG]

That applies to real life too. I don't need a man to cum in order to enjoy having sex with him.

Don Mill:  I asked because most of my enjoyment does not relate to my own orgasm but my ability to make my partner's achieve hers.
I did, however, met women that wanted/needed me to orgasm along them and that felt the same way I do... not always easy, let me tell you.
Thanks for the response Lee.

Color me not surprised once again. [IMG]

And you're welcome, Don. Thank you.

It's a bit like when a pleaser meets a pleaser. Someone who wants to enjoy the aural wonder of another's orgasm is not necessarily well matched to their equal number.

I find the ones that want you to cum at the same time they do to be making a bit of a difficult request. That's not always an easy orchestration.  It can and will happen at times, but in all honesty, an insistence on that will increase the likelihood of a woman making the decision to fake her orgasm.

Don Mill:  ...or a man...

Good point. See, Don? It's good to get the male perspective in here too. 

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