Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Women Can Be Asshats Too

And under the category of women can be asshats too...

I'm wandering through a new-to-me public sim. Just exploring on my own. Using my Lee account. Not bothering a little clump of people some meters away from me. Admiring the Moorish architecture. Around the corner and upstairs from this group of people who clearly know each other and are in the middle of a conversation I'm paying little attention to in Local Chat.

Then someone I have never met or spoken to in my life shouts...

JD shouts: leehere come here

It's a bit difficult in text, isn't it? Voice tone can make all the difference, or as Ishtara points out, descriptive text. So can your own mood and temperament. In this case, it immediately raised my hackles.

I told her I wasn't a dog.

At least she had a sense of humor.

kM: but ladies i am not spy from there
kM: lol
kM: i am new to both places
JD: ok kM
JD: and trust me u cant find better people then us
iA: lee there is new too
LeeHere Absent: Yep
iA: so we will welcome her in a while
JD: ohhh where did she come from
JD: kM u come whwen there are lots of peple u will love this laggy place
iA: u can h t copy and pasted for future refrance
JD: lol
iA: yes we do privide group chat for fast tps and chats
JD: and if u get lost plz start the group chat
JD shouts: leehere come here
LeeHere Absent: Wow.
LeeHere Absent: I'm a human, not a puppy. ;p
JD: for everythign else there is master card
LeeHere Absent: Priceless.

Some feedback from my friend, Orfeu Miles:

Some pertinent points.
Never tried to pick up a chick at Franks/Bogarts etc etc....but have had many charming dates there....not all of which ended carnally. Sometimes Romance is its own buzz...sometimes the overture is better than the opera. :)( I would cite Fidelio by Beethoven which has 4 overtures all better than the opera)
I very rarely ask the ASL question....I dont expect an honest answer so why ask the question ?
The only exceptions to this, are cues given, that this is an important deal to the avi I am speaking to. Perhaps they have read my profile...and get that I am the kind, who doesn't have a big wall up between 1st and 2nd lives...and they wanna explore that perspective for a while.
If a Female Avi's profile is full of "Dont talk to me in phone-text ( I never do)...Have a presentable Avi ( I always have, from day5)...Do this...dont do that...do this a lot...NEVER do that...then...um....I have you pegged as a Female Rainman/Entitlement Princess. This is a thin line we are walking here, and Douche-baggery is not gender specific.
My own totally subjective ...non-researched conclusion...is that sl is FULL of people with mental-health problems...this stirs my compassion...but not my desire to wanna get to know you better. :mofic:
Oh and Lee...you definitely have a different perspective from Lillie...its almost as though you actually LIKE people....even...gasps...Male People.;)

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