Wednesday, June 8, 2011

That's What He Said Redbook Redux

That's What He Said

I liked this article from a male columnist at Redbook. He takes some of the questions he is most frequently asked by women about men and runs through them supplying some pretty good answers.

The 17 Most Annoying Male Habits, Explained

Here are the questions.

1. Q: Why does my husband remember so many things about sports but nothing I told him yesterday?
2. Q: Should I be worried if my husband has an "office wife"?
3. Q: Why does my husband swing our kids around and shake them upside down when he knows they just ate or need to go to sleep?
4. Q: Why won't men say they're sorry? "I'm sorry you're upset" doesn't count!
5. Q: Do guys really think women look better without makeup?
6. Q: Do men not notice when they have a single, extra-long eyebrow (or nose, or ear) hair? Or do they know it's there but just don't care?
7. Q: Why can't men tolerate hearing anything negative about their moms?
8. Q: Why does he put the moves on me when he can see I'm in a terrible mood?
9. Q: Why do men sit with their legs splayed at a 100-degree angle?
10. Q: What does he have against my friends?
11. Q: Do guys think about other women during sex?
12. Q: Do they not notice - or care - if we smell when they move in for the kill?
13. Q: Do guys secretly use our products in the bathroom?
14. Q: Why does my husband seem to never want sex? I know he isn't having a physical affair. Could he be having an emotional one?
15. Q: Why are fart jokes so funny? Why are my guy and his friends telling the same fart jokes they've told for the last 20 years?
16. Q: Why does he always ask me where I put his things when I haven't even touched them?
17. Q. Why do you say it will only take you 15 minutes to do something when you know it will be more like an hour? Or two hours? You know, like driving somewhere or meeting a work deadline?

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