Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Pro Tip: Shells Are Not Sexy

It's considered bad form to plant your avi and someone else's avi on a couple of poseballs and then go AFK for more than 90 seconds. If you are suddenly and inconveniently surprised by the appearance and intrusion of your spouse, child, UPS man, the FBI or a fiery meteor in real life, it is much better to do a Ctrl+Q and fake a crash than do nothing at all and leave some poor person to figure out you're gone and that they have been air sexing for the last however many minutes. If your lack of noticeable participation is due to your two-handed stroking technique then consider using voice or just making that known in the expectation conversation up front. Moments of consideration like this will help you with the "Follow up and getting repeat business and referrals" part of the cybersex sales cycle.

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