Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Moment of Truth

A truth about the RL-based cockcammer referenced in post #32...

a. He wouldn't read this blog, thread, forum or a sex advice book, notecard or HUD.
b. He wouldn't take the advice if he got it.

I say that without bitterness or judgment and only as an observed fact.

Guys who are into paraRPing, for example and by contrast, are more likely to be open to this kind of discussion and the idea of refining their technique and they would definitely be more likely to see the value in making sure they had matched desires and styles before proceeding with cybersex.

Guys who use Adult Second Life casual cybersex sims solely to pick up women for RL-based camming and RL-based hook-ups are much, much less open to any kind of feedback or the idea of evolving their process or even saving time and aggravation by making sure they've hooked up with someone on the same page.

Guys who use Adult Second Life casual cybersex sims solely to pick up women for RL-based camming and RL-based hook-ups are highly likely to initially agree to pixel-based sex or fantasy roleplay that they aren't actually interested in just to get to a chance to ask for cam and pics. It tends to be the nature of that particular mindset and game.

Ask for pixel sex. Ask for RL info. Ask for voice. Ask for pics. Ask for cam. Ask for... so on and so forth. You say no, they say okay and wait and then ask again. They get one thing, they ask for another thing. Wash, rinse, repeat.

Their objective is not clear communication and cybersex-or-cut-bait efficiency and it's not your pleasure by your measure. Their objective is to get your attention, hold it and then work you until they get what they want and they won't let go until they do. It's a competitor's system to my own cybersex sales process, with it's own independently evolved process, if you will. That's why you have to know what you want, recognize who is going to give it to you and then take it or don't. That's why you need to be as invested in the use of the cybersex process (as outlined in post#30) as your possible partners. Both parties need to be asking questions and closing the deal or walking away.

Massive generalization? Maybe.

Arguments against? Hey, it's a public forum. As Midge and Craig Ferguson would say...I look forward to your letters.

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Back to cammers for a moment.

Random IM out of the blue to my main account.

N: hi there
Lee: Hello
N: nice to meet you...I hope I'm not disturbing!
Lee: Nice to meet you too. Not at all.
N: I'm N, 31. and you are so interesting....don't ask me why! ;-P
Lee laughs. Hi N.
N: what are you doing here in SL?
Lee: Dancing. Lee smiles. Lee: You?
N: mmmm..... N: ...so involved in naughty things....lol
Lee: How nice. Lee winks.
N: aren't you? N: ;-P
Lee: At this very moment I'm being quite tame. Catch me at another time and it will be a different story.
N: :- ) not in the right mood?
Lee: Moods change. Lee smiles.
N: do you ever use cam sweetie?
Lee: No.


I'm frequently interesting to people who don't know me from Eve and frequently less interesting when I don't cam.


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