Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Don Mill, Male Avatar, On Cybering

I will start apologizing for the next few disconnected statements that came to mind after reading the last few pages of this thread. Having dozed off for less than 3 hours in a plane does wonders to my brain.

On cybering and the how-to:

I seem to be a person that can do it under two different scenarios. The most normal to me is to cyber with women that I am emotional related as a way of extending our relationship. These are the cases in which cybering becomes much more than texting and jumping into poseballs.

The second scenario, for me, has to do with the enjoyment of the roleplaying part of the cybering. It is never a means to seek " release" but rather a conversation that moves around the description of erotic and sexual actions.

This second scenario is also much more text based than the first one. The first one sometimes include voice and/or video.

How-to... I think that Lee has gone in greater detail about the "do" and "don't" lists for a "successful" encounter. I will only add or emphasize that being concerned on whatever the partner or partners wants is a must. That is the result of good communication, which many times we do not take the time to share.

One thing that, for me, is a complete turn-off is reading the other person define how I am feeling at a certain time. While I can understand the idea of "I caress your leg and feel your skin reacting to my touch", I can not swallow the "I stand behind you and suddenly, you start feeling a rush of heat starting on your neck and going all the way down to your feet, your eyes showing the lust you feel for my strong pinky finger is overwhelming". I consider the play a creation of two parties, and as such I expect reactions to the actions anyone takes.

On buying sex and prostitution:

First a disclaimer: I have never paid a prostitute to have sex. I believe that has to do with the concept that for me a successful sexual encounter is one in which my partner is fully satisfied. Until recently, I was under the assumption that prostitutes did not really enjoyed the practice of sex.

Over the last few years it came to my mind the idea of hiring a prostitute to see what was all the fuzz about. My whys are more related to the idea of being able to do something that I do not normally do than anything else.

Let's also consider that sex is still a social taboo, going to a prostitute is consider by some people the confirmation of one's inability to get sex thru "normal" means.

Anyway... I am more relationship oriented than casual, although I enjoy a lot a good flirt.

Thank you for your post, Don. I enjoyed reading it. This bit below particularly stood out to me as something that should be highlighted on that list of cyber do's and don'ts. Telling someone else how they feel in text. Telling someone how they feel at all, for that matter, but especially in text during a cybersex roleplay. It's a "don't." I've discovered during my cybertravels that this is a significant part of "cybersex roleplay etiquette 101." A major point for many people. Don't tell someone how they feel, let them do that.
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