Sunday, August 14, 2011

Advice for the Lovelorn (Stormy Weather)

"Do you have questions about love, relationships, or sex?" on

SilverMadison said:
"Second Life Public Access TV is proud to announce "Ask Thea!" our brand new advice show!
If you have questions about relationships, love, or sex feel free to email Thea at
Your question may be answered on air and in front of our live studio audience.
Ask Thea! will premiere this fall on Second Life Public Access TV and will star the beautiful and feisty TheaDee!"

squashy Beeswing said:
"Well, i want to know what her credentials are first."

Sigmund Leominster said:
"For those who want a more non-directive, non-personal approach, I have a Rogerian AI bot and a replica of Freud's couch in-world, which you are more than welcome to talk to. My bot doesn't judge you, doesn't pretend to have answers, and often gives some quirky and bizarre responses. Howver, there are times when flashes of brilliance shine through and you can sneak a tiny peek into your subconscious. Just IM me and I'll send you a LM to my Therapy Platform in th Sky."

Storm said:

squashy Beeswing said:
"Storm, you need your own 2 hour 'special' with all that you've got going on."

valerie Inshan said:
"LOL, Storm is famous 24 hours a day. Full time job."


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