Saturday, August 6, 2011

Moni's Men (Part II)

The next set of questions I would ask Moni if I were to continue the interview would be of no surprise to anyone what has read the "That's What She Said" blog or gV thread.  There's a wide variety of people and purposes in fantasyland and you have to qualify your prospects and set realistic and appropriate expectations.

So, Moni...

1.  How do you like your cybersex?  Pure text?  ParaRP?  Text and poseballs?  Poseballs and voice?  Second Life only or move to Skype voice and vid?  Exchange real-life pics and information?  Potential for real-life meeting?  Straight vanilla or kinky fetish fantasy?

2.  Are you age verified?  Are you gender verified?

3.  How do you like you relationships?  Second Life only or carryover to real life?  Visions of virtual weddings in your head or visions of real life romance?

4.  What do you do in Second Life?  Dance?  Hang out in 80s, blue or trance clubs?  Go to live music concerts?  Play cops and robbers?  Bloodlines?  Shoot stuff?  Build?  Design?  Sell?  Volunteer?  Take classes?  Human avatar or furry or vampire or demon or dolly or what?

5.  Do you speak any other languages (other than English)?  Are you open to other cultures and patient with people practicing English as their second language?

6.  Do you have an appealing profile that avoids the clich├ęs and pitfalls of virtual worlds and online dating?  Does your profile indicate what you want?

7.  Do you use the SL tools of chat logs and note tabs effectively?

8.  Are you an immersionist or an augmentationist?  Are you an extrovert or introvert?  Which tribes are you associated with?

9.  How about the Bartle Test?  Are you an achiever, explorer, socializer or killer?  A friend, griefer, hacker, networker, opportunist, planner, politician or scientist?

10.  Who and what are you in Second Life and what do you do?


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